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Tweed Agency is a Helsinki-based design and advertising agency.

Specializing in commercial design we strive to create unique added value to our customers.

“All you need is Tweed”

We can help you create and develop brands, products and services, design desirable ways to package and show your offering, tell your story in the most compelling ways and launch and sell your products and services to the whole world.

“Tweed, Indeed!”

Tweed Agency is a small and tight-knit collective of experienced and like-minded designers.

When needed, we also employ our trusted network of specialist freelancers in Helsinki and Berlin.

“Everything Looks Better In Tweed”

We’re skilled professionals in our craft and we’re good at what we do. In other words, we are firm believers of craftmanship.

We’re still learning, too.

That’s why we’re always open to new ideas and curious about everything.

“Tweed, Love And Understanding”

What we’ve learned so far:

a. Creativity is most useful when mixed with hard work.

b. Professionalism goes well with a fair sense of humour.

c. Nothing good comes out of greed.


Tweed Designer
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Head Of Ideas
+358 44 033 2968


Tweed Designer
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Tweed Designer
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Tweed Designer
+358 40 532 5239

Tweed Agency
Katajanokanlaituri 5
00160 Helsinki

Tel: +358 9 4289 3515